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Not a book you’ll read from cover to cover while sipping a latte at your desk. More of a textbook, or workbook, for CEOs and their executive teams to work through issues involved in scaling up their businesses. 

Verne Harnish, the author and the team at Gazelles, describes its fast pace and many lists as “drinking from a fire hose!” It’s intense, so keep both feet on the floor. The ideas in the rest of the book are served up in more bite-sized pieces, although it never really slows down.

Authors describe the keys to scaling up as: 

  • attracting and keeping the right people; 
  • creating a truly differentiated strategy; 
  • driving flawless execution; and 
  • having plenty of cash to weather the storms. 

Thus, the book is divided into  four sections (people, strategy, execution and cash). Each section has at least three chapters and numerous worksheets to be completed.  

The book is a radical upgrade from Verne's first book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.  The Rockefeller Habits are ten fundamental habits that support the successful execution of a strategy, and they haven’t changed since John D. Rockefeller first implemented them.

Gazelles Scaling Up Coaching Services

Leadership Team Coaching

Guiding the team to implement the Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and One Page Strategic Plan methodology developed by the team at Gazelles International and Gazelles Inc.

Annual and Quarterly Planning

We facilitate annual and quarterly meetings with your leadership team and managers (as recommended) that combine strategic thinking exercises with execution planning tactics.

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Customized one-on-one coaching for entrepreneurial leaders and executives of growth companies

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